Lutheran churches of the Missouri Synod have traditionally supported their own schools.  St. Peter Lutheran Church has supported and maintained St. Peter Lutheran School for over one hundred twenty-five years!  The main purpose of the school has been to provide a Christian education for the sons and daughters of congregation members.  Therefore, applicants for admission to the school are considered in the following order:

  1. First priority is given to church member school families (siblings in school) by church seniority.
  2. Second priority is given to church member families (by seniority) who have not yet enrolled children in the day school (K-8).
  3. Those who are considering membership either by being enrolled in a membership class or by being transferred to St. Peter from another LCMS congregation.
  4. Other Lutherans who worship regularly.
  5. Other Christian families who give evidence of their faith through regular worship (Christian families who already have children in our school (K-8) will have priority in this group).
  6. Other applications.

Admission to our school will be based on an interview with parent(s) and child, a completed registration form, and a perusal of previous school records and test results.  Applications from members & re-enrollments of elementary school children will receive priority if received by March 1st.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling admissions basis.  The decision to accept or decline any applications is based upon the following:

  1. Whether there is room for the child.
  2. Whether the child’s previous record indicates he would have trouble adjusting to our school program.
  3. Whether the record of the child indicates that  we would not be able to meet his/her needs.
  4. Whether their parent(s) have committed themselves to our philosophy, objectives, & policies.

We recommend that parents do not change school during the school year.  No spaces are kept open for members joining the congregation after March 1st.  We will not ask families who are already accepted into the school to leave to make room for a new member family.

Click here to view St. Peter Lutheran Church & School Non-Discrimination Statement.

Children entering Kindergarten must reach the age of five either on or before the first of September of the current school year.  Children entering the first grade must reach the age of six either on or before the first of December of the current school year.  Pupils entering a Michigan school for the first time must bring a written notice from their family physician indicating they have been vaccinated according to state law or provide a signed waiver.

Tuition fees for hardship cases will be considered by the Board of Education.  See the principal for the necessary form to request a tuition reduction.  People joining our congregation will pay the non-member tuition fee until they have been officially accepted by our Board of Elders.  At that time they will receive a set of envelopes and are expected to give to the church as God has prospered them in addition to paying the member tuition fee.

All students will be reviewed annually by the Board of Education.  Parents should recognize that a lack of support of our policies may force the Board of Education to deny enrollment of their student for the following school year.  If such decision ever must be made, the parent of that student would be informed before our August 1st registration day to allow that parent time to seek a Christian education for that student elsewhere before the next school year begins.

We urge all other Christian congregations to help their members financially who desire Christian day school training for their children here at St. Peter.  It is an investment that yields great spiritual dividends for the children, family, and their entire congregation.  This is one of the reasons why people join together in a congregation, to enable each other to do what they would be unable to do alone.