Our Christian Day School dates back to the year 1877, when Immanuel, Waldenburg (now Macomb) found it necessary to build a branch school a few miles north.  In the mid 1960’s, Immanuel had tried out the branch school idea by holding classes a mile north of the church in the workshop of a member.  Enrollment increased to 200 students at Immanuel, so in 1877 Immanuel decided to purchase one half acre of land for the price of $12.50 and a schoolhouse was constructed on the southwest corner of Romeo Plank and French Road (now 24 Mile Rd).

1882 – The school had operated successfully for five years, the parents attending, along with several other families living in the area, asked for a peaceful release from Immanuel on February 20, 1882. The request was granted to the 19 families, and that same day St. Peter Lutheran Church was founded.

1887 – St. Peter found a permanent pastor/teacher Rev. Oscar Wuest who taught all eight grades for 13 years. The schoolhouse was moved across the road and placed next to the church where it stood for 40 more years. This was done in order for the parsonage could be built on that corner. The number of students at this time hovered around the 50-60 range.

1900/01 – Pastor Wuest retired and St. Peter, being confident that they could support both a pastor and a teacher, called Pastor Richard Trueltzsch and Teacher H. Kaeselitz.

1911 – English was read for the first time in our school. It was not taught in the earlier years because it was not necessary to speak English, as the German community was so large and self-supporting.

1921 – Tuition for non-members was $2.00, and both German and English were used in the school.

1925 – Teacher W. Danker joined Pastor Beyerlein and 46 young people and formed the St. Peter’s Youth Group – the first auxiliary of our church.

1926 – After repeated attempts to remodel the wooden schoolhouse it was decided to replace it with a new brick school. The new school was built on the southwest corner of French Road (now 24 Mile Rd.) and Romeo Plank. The cornerstone was laid on July 19, 1926 with Director Meyer and Pastor Leitz preaching the sermons. The school was dedicated three months later on October 3rd. Pastor E.A. Mayer and E. Knorr delivered the dedicatory sermons. This brick-constructed school was built with the latest attributes. The School Commissioner of Macomb called it “the most modern schoolhouse in all Macomb County”.

1927 – The home that had been formerly used as a teacherage (which stood next to the old wooden schoolhouse) was sold and moved a mile down the road, and St. Peter’s present parsonage was built in it‘s place.

1928 – The former parsonage was remodeled for Teacher Kaiser and his family , and was known to all generations thereafter as St. Peter’s teacherage.  Teacher Kaiser taught generations at St. Peter and served as an employee of the congregation longer than anyone before or after him. The number of students that he taught in that one room schoolhouse hovered around the 50 mark. Tuition for non-members was around $6.00.

1950 – The schoolhouse was once again remodeled to accommodate the increasing ministries. In this year the enrollment reached to over 60 students; therefore a second teacher was called to teach the lower grades.

1955 – St. Peter had already seen the need for even more classroom space and purchased a red schoolhouse one mile to the north for $3,000.

1957 – School enrollment reached 100 students and classes were begun in this branch school. The middle grades went to the branch school while the lower grades and the upper grades remained in the 1926 red brick schoolhouse. The Parent Teacher League was established.

    1958 – the first Pancake Supper and Harvest sale was held.

    1960 – the Spaghetti Supper was held for the first time.

    1967 – the Fun Fair was added to the Spaghetti Supper.

1961 – A modern four-room school with office, library, workroom, and first-aid room was built at a cost of $130,000.

1962 – The new school opened and the branch school was sold for $2,500.

1967 – Teacher Kaiser retired after completing his 40th year of teaching at St. Peter and 48 years in the teaching ministry. Over 600 friends gathered at Immanuel to honor him and present him with the keys to a car purchased for him by the contributions gathered from the students he taught over 4 decades.

1968 – St. Peter joined with 15 other surrounding congregations to form the Lutheran High North School Association, which eventually resulted in the building of Lutheran High North adjacent to our property.

1973 – A new church, a church lounge, and an office area were added to the east end of the four-room school. The gym, a large meeting room (room #6), a kitchen, locker & shower rooms, bathrooms and storage rooms were added to the west end of the four-room school for $550,000. The first half-day kindergarten classroom began be converting the school library into a fifth classroom.

1975 – Mr. Terry Davis was called to be the first full-time principal and Minister of Christian Education.

1976 – The school enrollment reached 155 and a sixth classroom was added. Additional classrooms were added by utilizing rooms in the old red brick schoolhouse and by using the large meeting room as a classroom.

1979 – The ground was broken so that seven more classrooms and additional bathrooms could be added to the north at a cost of $438,000.

1981 – The enrollment had climbed to 220 students and there were nine classrooms – each having a single grade for the first time in the school’s history.

1985 – A second half-day kindergarten class was added.

1986 – The congregation added a second classroom for the first grade children. Lutheran Special Education Ministries sent us a teacher to work with students who had special learning needs. Our partnership with LSEM has continued to the present day.

1989 – The congregation once again added rooms to the north. A library, music room, nine more classrooms, bathrooms, office space, first aid room, kindergarten room, workroom, and a faculty lounge were added at a cost of $1,679,000. The transition from single classrooms to two classrooms for each grade began.

1990 – The congregation resolved to begin a preschool on the condition that it would be financially self-supporting. Tuition was charged to both members of the congregation and non-members in order to begin this new venture of faith. The preschool began with 34 students in 1990. Today it’s enrollment is nearly 200.

1995 – A non-member of the congregation – out of love for God and in thanksgiving for his child’s Christian education at St. Peter Lutheran School – built a computer room, a science lab, a room for the teacher from LSEM, a classroom, and the extended care room at a cost estimated to be about $500,000. In that same year with the enrollment nearing 575 students, the congregation called Mr. Hoch to be full-time Assistant Principal and Athletic Director.

1996 – Our youth ministry, under the direction of Mitch Vogeli, used the fourth room of the original four-room school.

1998 – Mrs. Lori Looker becomes our Full-time Librarian.

2000 – Irene Beethe is called to be our church and school Music Director.

2002 – 125th anniversary of St. Peter School; 627 students enrolled.

2004 – Started construction on our new sanctuary. The school office was moved to room 17.Our Pre-school added a third classroom.

2005 – Reverend Pastor Ken Wagener joins our staff.

2006 – Dedicated our new sanctuary.

2007 – Installed new pre-school playground.  Renovated our old sanctuary into a multi- purpose room. Member tuition was instituted.

2008 – Full time Physical Education Teacher hired from Utica Public Schools.

2009 – Enhanced our security system.  A full-time computer instructor was hired from Utica Public Schools.

2010 – Principal Terry Davis retires after serving the Church for 42 years. Thirty nine of those years were spent at St. Peter. We installed a remote front door lock, and a video monitoring system for the main church & school entrance.

2011 – Mr. Kyle Chuhran accepted the call to be our school principal for the 2010-2011 school year. Pastor Matthew Baye was installed as one of our Pastors. Installed new play structure.  Share time Spanish Teacher from Utica Public Schools used to teach Spanish to 7th & 8th.

2013 – St. Peter Macomb became the largest Lutheran elementary school in Michigan with 570 students enrolled in our Preschool through 8th grade.

2014 – Mr. Kyle Chuhran accepted to call to serve as Assistant Professor and Elementary Education Coordinator at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, MI.  Mrs. Kathy Krause accepted the call to be our Interim Principal for the 2014/15 school year.

2015 – Mr. Timothy D. Leinberger accepted the call to serve as our school principal to begin the 2015-16 school year. Fellowship hall, kitchen and ministry offices completed.

2017 – 140th celebration of combined anniversary of church and school ministry. church membership is 4031 souls. Combined preschool and day school, 620 students.

The history of St. Peter Lutheran Church and School shows God at work through His people! All the names and events that make up our history could not possibly be mentioned, but the services and deeds of those not mentioned have also been used by God to build His kingdom here at 24 Mile and Romeo Plank.  Today, we thank God for His continual blessings and we pray that He will guide us in the future. 

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14.