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May_Mrs. Katie2
Katie May – 2nd Grade Teacher

My name is Katie May and I have been teaching for 9 years.  I attended St. Peter and Lutheran High North.  I attended Oakland University and completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with minors in Language Arts and Social Studies.  I completed my Masters of Education in Special Education with Autism at Oakland University.  I have been teaching at St. Peter since 2010, first as a four year old preschool teacher, then a young fives (developmental kindergarten) teacher, and now as a second grade teacher.

I am married to Chris, an elementary principal, who also attended St. Peter and Lutheran High North.  We have three children who attend St. Peter.  St. Peter is our home.  I have been a part of the community at St. Peter Lutheran Church and School for over 25 years.  St. Peter is an amazing cornerstone of our community and I am privileged and blessed to be a part of this ministry. I love teaching children about Jesus everyday.  I especially love singing hymns and discussing the meaning of the songs we sing, which all point to Jesus and the cross.  I enjoy coaching our cross country and track teams.  This past fall, our cross country team recently qualified and went to the National Championships for the first time!
When I’m not teaching, you will find me spending time with my family, renovating our home, reading, and working out.  I especially enjoy running marathons.  I have qualified for the Boston Marathon four times and have ran the historical race twice.  I plan to go back soon



Ronda Brandt – 2nd Grade Teacher

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a Lutheran school teacher. I grew up attending a Lutheran grade school and high school. I attended Concordia College in Ann Arbor and graduated with a degree in Lutheran education. I have taught at St. Peter’s Eastpointe and Luther Memorial in Cleveland, Ohio. I subbed for many years at St. Peter until 2012 when I began teaching 2nd grade. My husband John teaches at Lutheran North and we have been blessed with two children, Aaron and Alayna, who attended school at St. Peter. I love teaching in a Lutheran school because I have the privilege and responsibility to share with my students the eternal and unconditional love of their Savior, Jesus Christ. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I pray my students will know the earthly and eternal blessings of being a child of God. One of my favorite hymns that I love teaching my students is “God’s Own Child I Gladly Say It.”

God’s own child, I gladly say it:

I am baptized into Christ!

He, because I could not pay it,

Gave my full redemption price.

Do I need earth’s treasures many?

I have one worth more than any

That brought me salvation free

Lasting to eternity!