St. Peter Lutheran Scrip is an on going program that will benefit our church, school, and you directly. The program produces revenue when you buy a gift card from us for the places that you already shop. Some of the places include:  drug stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, cruises, lawn care, oil changes, and many more. There are more than 100 merchants that participate in the SCRIP program. They have agreed to sell us the gift cards at a discounted price. That discount becomes extra revenue for St. Peter and you. The more you buy gift cards from the St. Peter Lutheran Scrip program, the more profit you generate. There is  no extra out-of-pocket expense for you. If you pay for a $25 gift card, you receive a $25 gift card.

25% of all profits go to the general fund. You personally decide where the other 75% will  be applied:

  1. 100% to the general fund
  2. 25/75 to the general fund and your child’s school tuition for the following year.
  3. You may also apply it to your grandchild’s fees.
  4. To another family who may need the financial help at registration time.
  5. 100% to the GoodWill account which provides assistance to families that need help paying tuition.
Note: SCRIP orders are not tax deductible because you receive the full dollar amount that you are paying.

All orders must be turned in to the church or school office no later than 8:15 am on Monday morning. Please make all checks payable to “ST. PETER LUTHERAN SCRIP“. Lutheran High North and NorthWest families will have their orders available in the Church Office on Friday afternoon.

Shop with Scrip Flyer with Enrollment Form – information is available outside the school office.